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GoCam™ is compatible with AT&T and is available on an AT&T DataConnect Pass.

The Spartan GoCam™ is the next-generation scouting tool which can send motion-triggered or time-lapse pictures to email, including your cell phone, via AT&T’s network. The Spartan GoCam™ mobile scouting camera is the advanced tool you need for scouting and hunting, wildlife research, surveillance, and other applications where it’s important to see your photos when they are taken, not days or weeks later. The AT&T SIM card is included and ready to be activated online.

Ready to Use Out of the Box
The AT&T DataConnect Pass SIM card is included. Simply activate the service at www.att.com/buyasession, use the camera menus to set your desired picture parameters, and your camera is ready to use.
No Contract, Pay As You Go
The Spartan GoCam™ uses an AT&T DataConnect Pass mobile broadband plan that costs $14.99 a month (plus taxes and additional fees, activation requires a minimum of one month, and can be purchased in monthly intervals), which provides for transmission of approximately 5000 thumbnail (640 x 480 resolution) images. Activate, deactivate, or reactivate the plan at any time without getting a new SIM card.
All-in-One Design, Easy Installation
The camera is powered by 12 AA batteries (alkaline, Ni-MH, or lithium), and is a Standalone installation with no wires and no required external power source.
Pictures can be transmitted with or without AES 256 encryption. For added security, use encryption to transfer your images.
The Spartan GoCam™ features an under-one-second trigger speed. The full blackout flash invisible IR LED array provides illumination to 60 feet and beyond for crisp, clear night images and videos. Photo resolution can be set as high as 8 MP, while video resolution can be as high as 720P HD (native). The ergonomic, user-friendly interior design includes an easy-to-read 2" true-color display; eight large, well-marked buttons and ON/SETUP/OFF switch; USB and external 6V DC power supply ports. The setup menus are logical, well-organized, and easy to use.
The camera can be set to overwrite the oldest photo on the SD card with the most recent if the SD card is full so you don’t lose the most recent photos just because the SD card has filled. If you don’t want the camera to take pictures all the time, you can set one or two duty periods, each with different trigger intervals and time-lapse settings.
In order to provide excellent water resistance for outdoor use, there are flush case mating areas in both front and rear case halves. An oversized rubber gasket on the front case half, as well as an oversized double-hinged latch that is easily operated with gloved hands, ensure a complete water-resistant seal.

The rear case houses 12 AA batteries, which provide several months of battery life. The batteries are arranged in two bays so that each battery has its own slot, thus eliminating the common problem of batteries unseating.
Variety of camouflage patterns are available.

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