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2014 Top 3 Trail Camera Lineup from BestGameCamera.com


#1.UWAY MB500


The MB500 has showed us some amazing

things.  It has one of the fastest

transmission speeds among all wireless cameras.mb500smaller.jpg

Faster transmission doesn't only mean

faster pictures but it means longebattery

life.  The faster the camera can transmit

the more battery power it can save.  Not

only this but it is also the first wireless

camera that you can completely setup

out in the field.  No more CD's to use or

files to download. Just put your SIM card,

SD card, and batteries in and you are

ready to program and start sending.  With

its two waycommunication and HD Quality

pictures this camera is our #1 Pick. 




#2. Ltl Acorn 5310MG


Ltl Acorn ® Ltl-5310MG940 Hi-Output No-Glow

MMS Trail Camera is armed with a large LED

bank that illuminates the night scene with 5310m940-open-small-97519-1403734275-1280-1280.jpg

powerful rays of light. Bundled with the

MMS-module (Multimedia Messaging Service)

box, the standard scouting camera can be

upgraded to work as a remote cellular camera.

With its highly sensitive Passive Infra-Red (PIR)

sensor, the camera detects the sudden change

of ambient temperature caused by moving game

in a region of interest (ROI), triggers to take

pictures/videos, and sends the images via GSM network

to the user’s cell phone or email account. The No-glow

LEDs flash invisibly in the dark that the game or the

intruder will never notice the existence of the camera.

Hunting is so cool!






#3.  3G SPARTAN SR1-WCDBhco-sr1-2gb-1.jpg



The arrival of the new 3G Spartan Wireless trail camera

is here.  This camera design is for all weather conditons.



  • hco-sr1-2gb-2.jpg








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