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This page is designed to help you find the perfect Trail/Security Camera to fit your needs. Please follow the steps below to find the camera for YOU!

Trail Camera Buyers Guide - What will you be using the camera for???





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Helpful Information before you continue:

Trail Cameras are like anything else.  You get what you pay for.  All of the Trail Cameras will work and take pictures, but below are some things you can expect when making your decision.  Keep in mind that even though the camera is cheap at first doesn't mean it will be cheap in the long run with Batteries and going back and forth to check it.  These can be expensive cost.

Things you can expect from a $100 camera and less

  • Low Picture Quality
  •  Shorter Battery Life (Optional Rechargeable 6V Batteries Suggested) Mostly uses C or D Batteries.  Costly and affected be cold temperatures
  • Slower Triggers Speeds
  • Longer Recovery Times
  • Nightime distance 30 feet or less

These Cameras work better in a feeder situation where animals or people are not moving through the area to fast.  Triggers can sometimes be to slow when using on a trail, objects move through before the picture has been taken

Things you can expect from a $150-$250 camera

  • Better Picture Quality
  • Good Battery Life (Mainly AA batteries some with C-cells)
  • Good Trigger Speeds 1.5 sec or less
  • Fast Recovery Times for Photo Burst and low intervals
  • Nightime Distance around 50 feet or less

This category really starts to bring you into a good Trail Camera.  Suggested for Trails, Fields, Security and any other atmosphere in the 50 feet or less range.

Things to expect from a $250-$350 camera

  • Great Picture Quality (High Resolution, some HD)
  • Great Battery Life (AA's and C-Cell.  C-cell used for long distance cameras where more power is needed.
  • Fast Triggers 1 sec or less
  • Fast Recovery times so there are no missed pictures
  • Nightime Distance at 70-80 feet or less
  • Invisible Black Infrared (Some Models)
  • Wireless Technoloy (Some Models)

This Category is going to produce Great Pictures and have sensors to reach long distances.  Suggested for Security, Fields, Scrapes (Black Infrared models)


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