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sg580-all.bmp  The Uway UM562 is our #1 suggestion for instant security.  This camera has the ability to send you a picture as a text to 4 different text and 4 differnent e-mail addresses.  

For AT&T Users:   If you are on a family plan already and have family text.  All you will need to do is add a line for $9.99 a month and you are ready to go.  All you have to do is place the SIM Card into the camera, program your telephone # and E-mail and you are ready to go.  Works anywhere cell phone coverage averages 2 bars of signal.

For Sprint and Verizon:  It will not work for your carriers due to the fact you do not use a SIM Card technology.  What you will have to do is go and purchase a prepaid GO Phone package and a SIM Card.  Average package cost about $9 a month with no obligations.  Place the SIM Card in the camera, enter your telephone # and Email and you are ready to go.


To make this camera invisible you may add the Black Infrared Flash Extender and now you have an instant completely invisible wireless camera.


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