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Security Cameras

Many people are starting to realize that trail cameras can make a great little wireless security system on a very affordable budget.  With no glow technology combined with a wireless system that sends pictures directly to your phone or email within 30 seconds of taking a photo, you can have instant notification from a hidden camera that is completely invisible with no glow technology!

Imagine getting a photo text in the middle of the night alerting you that someone is breaking into your business, or shed out back.  You can immediately take action by calling the police.

Below are our top 5 picks for security cameras along with a brief explanation of why.  For a more broad search, or for non-wireless options, please look under "Security Cameras" from the menu on the left.


The HCO Panda GSM scouting camera sends photos to your email or cellphone via the GSM/GPRS cellular network. The camera can be triggered by motion or by a timer(also known as time lapse function). With its balanced two banks of invisible blackout flash,you can get high quality night time photos and videos without spooking the game or draw any attention when they go off. This also prevents the “hot spot” in the night time photos.


 #2.   U-Way MB500

The MB500 has showed us some amazing things.  It has one of the fastest transmission speeds among all wireless cameras.  Faster transmission doesn't only mean faster pictures but it means longebattery life.  The faster the camera can transmit the more battery power it can save.  Not only this but it is also the first wireless camera that you can completely setup out in the field.  No more CD's to use or files to download.  Just put your SIM card, SD card, and batteries in and you are ready to program and start sending.  With its two way communication and HD Quality pictures this camera is our #1 Pick.

#3.   Uway U250

The U250B has been an awesome black flash trailcamera for the money.  You get great distance and great picture quality all backed on a solid 1 year warranty.  Look for this product on Jimmy Houston Outdoors.  It is packed full of features including a dead silent filter and extreme motion sensor.  The only feature this product doesn't have is a timer, which is very rarely used anyway.  Definitely in our top 5.  Great Camera for the all around man that does not want to be dissappointed and doesn't need all the bells and whistles.

#4.  LTL ACORN 5210 Solar and Theft Package

This camera has been one of our favorites for a long time.  It provides great performance with good picture quality, battery life and durability.  All backed on a 2 Year warranty, with a range of about 45 feet at night, 65 feet during the day.  This camera set up on a EZ Aim-Camera Mount makes for a great camera trap.  Our only complaint was nighttime distance.  This camera is great for pinpointing a particular area and being invisible.  If 40 feet distance at night is long enough for you then this camera is a great choice.


#5.   Uway Vigilant Hunter U150 IR Scouting Camera


This camera has shown us some great pictures specially at night.  That is its night and shining armor.  If you are looking for a Long Distance Wireless camera then this is it.  Something to cover a large area or bait site where animals are less timid.  The UM562 has 40 High output bulds that can reach out 65 ft.  Please make sure to adjust the sensitivity levels to fit your needs on this camera, it can be a little sensitive at times.  I keep my personal UM562 on Low.  Keep in mind the longer range the camera is the more sensitive the camera will be.  This would be a bad choice to put on a trail in the woods or up close security.