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LTL ACORN Wireless Plan

Ltl Acorn Users Manual

Ltl Acorn Setup Illustration File

MMS cameras need a network using GSM/GPRS technology. AT&T and T-mobile are the two national carriers providing GSM/GPRS network coverage. For a complete list of carriers and the network they use, please refer to List of United States wireless communications service providers.

There are two ways to crank your MMS camera.

  • If you’re already an AT&T or T-mobile user, you can add a line to your current cell phone plan. Put the sim card in the camera. Follow the user manual to set up the MMS function.
  • No matter you currently are a subscriber with AT&T or T-mobile or not, you can always go to their local store to purchase a sim card for Go Phone or Prepaid Phone. Have them activate the card. Put it in the camera. Follow the user manual to set up the MMS function.

No data plan or contract is needed for the sim card to work with our MMS camera. You can obtain a $10 to $15 monthly unlimited texting plan as long as you refill the balance in time. For more information, please read Explanation of Costs – using MMS cameras.

Be Aware – The sim card sold in ATT/T-mobile local store is different from the one sold in other retail or online stores. To have the MMS function correctly, please make sure you purchase the sim card from a brick-and-mortar ATT/T-mobile store and have the sales rep there activate it for you.